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What are Symbion Probiotics?

The term "Probiotic" is Greek, meaning literally, "For Life". Conversely, "Antibiotic" means "Against Life", or "Anti-Life".

Unfortunately, overuse of antibiotics causes all bacteria, both the toxic and the beneficial, in the body to be wiped out. Once this happens, opportunistic yeast, the most common of which is Candida albicans, can then take over the intestinal tract, wreaking havoc on our bodies and causing myriad symptoms. They are such hardy creatures that more often than not, even an arsenal of antifungal drugs cannot eradicate the overgrowth, and in many cases, make them even more virulent and drug resistant.

Symbion contains three strains of highly effective beneficial spore-forming lactic acid bacteria that have been proven to not only get the aggressive candida strains back under control and in balance with our body's natural ecosystems, but to prevent the overgrowth of the aggressive strains of candida in the future. Symbion bacteria cause the body to become a more balanced alkaline and pH levels normalize, a condition the candida yeast simply cannot thrive in (candida thrives in an acidic environment). As these friendly bacteria crowd out the overgrowth of candida yeast and toxic bacteria in the intestines, symptoms eventually disappear altogether. These strains are highly antifungal (candida is a type of fungus), as well as being beneficial strains. As the bacteria kill off the candida in the gut, they also stimulate the growth of healthy gut bacteria. Probiotic strains that you find at the health food store and elsewhere may be beneficial for people without an overgrowth of candida, but they will do nothing to get control of the candida fungus.

Symbion Ingredients: Bacillus coagulans (200 million CFU*), Bacillus subtilus (100 million CFU), Enterococcus faecium (100 million CFU), Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS).

Each bottle contains 120 vegetarian caplets and contains no yeast, corn, gluten, egg, sugar, salt, nuts or starch.

Symbion™ is manufactured in the U.S.A. in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), Kosher pharmaceutical facility, using only the purest, pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Each batch is DNA tested for ingredient purity, quality, and CFU concentration to ensure uniformity.

We offer an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee on your first purchase, less shipping.

Common Questions & Instructions:

How do I take Symbion™?

The suggested beginning dose is one capsule taken after a meal. After one week, increase to one capsule twice daily. At four weeks, increase to three capsules, one with each meal. Up to six capsules a day may be taken, but the recommended long term dose is four per day.

If at any time, going up in dose causes any discomfort, go back to the previous dose for another week or two before trying to increase the dose again. This is known as a "healing response" and can be avoided entirely by going up in dose slowly.

Refrain from eating sweets (e.g., sugar) if possible for the first one to two months, as it feeds the bad bacteria in the intestines.

The vast majority of people report improved bowel function after taking Symbion™, however some may already have diarrhea or constipation. In both cases, we recommend taking a good fiber supplement, such as psylium husks or guar gum to assist in productive bowel movements. Check with your doctor or pharmacist for brands they recommend. Fiber should always be taken on an empty stomach, either 30 minutes before your meal and Symbion™, or 3 hours after a meal.

How soon should I see results using Symbion™?

Results of using Symbion™ will vary from person to person, because of differences in their digestive condition .In some cases, changes are found rapidly, within a few days, but in others it may take a few weeks. A small number of people may need a few months to observe the benefits. Everyone in need, with time, should obtain benefits in their digestive condition and associated symptoms.

When should Symbion™ not be taken?

A. Together with antibiotics?
Since antibiotics by definition will kill both good and bad bacteria, we recommend that to preserve the benefits of Symbion™ it should be taken as far away from the antibiotic as possible. Symbion™ will not interfere with any medications you might be taking.

B. During pregnancy?
Probiotic supplements like Symbion™ have been shown to be safe, containing naturally occurring, beneficial microorganisms. However, it is advisable to consult your physician for their recommendation in individual cases.

C. During certain illnesses?
Symbion™ can be taken safely by mouth to restore and maintain the normal balance of gut microflora conditions, during most digestive illnesses, including diabetes. Always ask your doctor if you have questions.

How is Symbion™ stored? Does it need refrigeration?

Symbion™ can be safely stored in clean, dry conditions and should not be refrigerated. This Probiotic has a shelf life of 18 months. The container should be kept sealed until used and be stored out of sunlight or away from heat sources.

How long should I take Symbion™?

Symbion™ should be taken every day to help maintain good bowel function and a healthy balance of beneficial microflora in the intestines.