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Supplements Overview
Remember start out with one pill a day for the first 5 days!!!!!!!

Our products are formulated to help you lose weight safely. We offer a good variety because each of our body’s chemical makeup is different and therefore will react in different ways to our supplements. All our products are effective, it’s a matter of which works best for you.

Our supplements will help you make better food choices because you will want to eat healthier foods that actually taste better. You will no longer crave unhealthy fatty foods so it will be much easier to eat more sensible meals at proper times throughout the day. Your appetite will be suppressed, you will feel an increase in energy (no jitters) overall feeling of good well-being, your body will start to detox (some of our products provide a very strong natural laxative that also removes some toxins and parasites as well).

With some of our supplements your body may burn fat through the thermogenic process; your body is heated from the inside out, increasing your metabolism, as well as your ability to sweat. Thermogenic herbs, such as green tea, are known to be fat burners, metabolic boosters, energy accelerators and appetite suppressants.

Which capsule is right for me?
If you have alot of weight to lose start out slow with the Xcel Lean this gives you the opportunity to move up :) If you are allergic to bee pollen then start with Burn X. Stick with the same product until you feel it is not working anymore at that point we can evaluate your situation and see where to go next.

If you are not allergic to bees or bee pollen below are two different regimens we recommend. Many of our clients have had great weight loss following either one of these regimens.

If this is your first time taking our products, the first couple months we recommend Xcel Leancapsules, if you like your results stick with it till ready for the switch, then we recommend Burn X your next order. Burn X does not contain bee pollen and is made with Licorice, this will give your body “break” from the bee pollen (they are very effective as well) they just work a lil differently. Sometimes they make you stayed plateaued, sometimes people start losing more inches. After the first month of burn x you feel they are not as effective, move on to the Xcel. The final step is Xcel Advanced

If you are allergic to bees or can’t take a bee pollen product we recommend this regimen

First couple months Burn X, then Ultimate Boost and finally Intensity. None of these products contain bee pollen and will work great. My personal recommendation is don’t switch till you feel the one you are on is not working.

How to avoid a Plateau?

The average client hits a plateau after about 3-4 months. This is when the body has gotten use to the product and refuses to drop any more pounds. This usually will not occur if you follow one of our regimens, but if you do start out with Xcel and continue on it for 3,4 ,5 months, and you hit a plateau do the same as above or STOP for 7 Days and do one of the cleanses. ALWAYSfollow any cleanse with a probiotic as a cleanse takes the good and bad bacteria so it is important to replenish the GOOD. Do a probiotic for at least 7 days. I personally take one everyday except during a 7 day detox. A great full body detox like the cleaner for men or women is one I recommend but there is alot of them out there, just make sure they do the liver as it resets the body.

Need a Boost Capsule?
The BOOST capsule is meant to be taken with the 2nd meal of the day. This helps keep the appetite suppressed longer!!

Alternating between capsules may not do it for you so you will need a boost. The combination of ingredients in these two products works synergistically (with Xcel, Xcel advanced, Xcel Lean, & Burn X) to help break a weight plateau and lose weight

just add 1 capsule of either Accelerator Boost, Intensity or Ultimate Boost to the supplement you are taking for the month, example… if you are currently taking 2 capsules of Xcel each day, add 1 capsule of Accelerator Boost, Intensity or Ultimate Boost at lunch for a boost, taking 3 capsules a day..

Targeted weight loss goal reached, what do I do now?

Once you have reached your desired weight you should continue to take one capsule per day (capsule of your choice) for 30 days to reset your body’s metabolism. This will ensure that you are able to keep the weight off with little to no maintenance; we recommend that you cleanse your system every six months to avoid toxin build-up in your digestive tract. Since your appetite has been suppressed you have consumed a smaller amount of food, therefore your stomach should have shrunk. Maintaining the stomach size will yield in permanent weight loss.

Common effects you may experience:

Dry mouth/throat

This is the body letting you know that you need more water. When it comes to weight loss, water is vital. It helps flush toxins from your body, releases excess water that has been retained and allows your metabolism to function efficiently.


You are not eating or drinking enough water. Even if you are not hungry, you must force yourself, eat small meals throughout the day and be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water. You should not experience headaches if you are drinking enough water. If you started with 2 capsules, go down to one for 2 days then add your second capsule again. If you were a soda pop drinker it could also be with drawls take some tylenol or advil and in a week that will change. Then pat your self on the back for NOT drinking the soda :)

Trouble falling asleep/interruption in sleep

You may or may not experience this, if you do, it should pass in about a week. Even if you are falling asleep later than normal or waking in the middle of the night, you won’t feel tired the next day. Your body isn’t use to the combination of herbs and they contain natural energy boosters. Until your body adjust to them (possibly 1 week or 2) you will experience an interruption in your sleep pattern. If real bothersome you could take a natural melatonin or sleep aid and hour before bed to help you.


How will I know if the product is working for me?

The first week you start taking these supplements, you will notice your food intake changes. You start craving less sugars and fatty foods. You will also experience more bowel movements which is a good thing. You will feel more energized. Take note: quite often, a loss of inches will occur before you start dropping pounds, so be sure to watch the way your clothes fit, in addition to what the scale says. Please Measure as the scale is not always your best friend.

Can I drink alcohol?

Yes, you can drink alcohol. But remember, alcohol is a liquid toxin. So the capsules will work extra hard to get the alcohol out of your body. The next day you will need to double replenish your body with water since alcohol dehydrates the body.

Do I need to diet?

No, you do not need to watch what you eat. Our supplements are designed to make the craving go away, things you loved to eat before will no longer be your favorite. In the beginning your fat intake actually helps to activate the pill. That is why we tell you not to change your eating habits when you start.

Do any of the capsules contain caffeine?

Yes, most contain green tea. Green teas have naturally occurring caffeine (we do not add caffeine as an ingredient but it is green tea).
The CENTRE line does contain caffeine. I do list the ingredients for each supplement on the products pages. Just can read about each individual product.

Am I going to have constant bowel movements?

You probably will! The first few weeks you begin taking the capsules, you will absolutely go to the bathroom more than what you are used to. You will start the detoxification process; our supplements are formulated to detoxify your system. Once your body gets rid of these harmful toxins, you will go back to regular bowel movements. I recommend if this happens to buy sugar-free orange metamucil and take a TBL at night time as this will bind to it and most likely stop the loose stools. But going to the restroom more than once a day is healthy for our body as we eat more than once a day :)

Why do I break out in a sweat?

Your supplement is working. This is called the thermogenic process, your body is heated from the inside to out increasing your metabolism, as well as your ability to sweat. In addition, this allows your body to go into instant metabolic function, yet induced faster in colder environments and high calorie diets. So, don't change your diet, and when you have the chance, put the AC on BLAST! Also, it is important to notice these effects tend to get stronger the longer you are on the product.

Helpful Tips

If you do not have a Gallbladder then you should take digestive enzymes so your body can break down the fats that you take in.

Reduce your caffeine intake

If first time starting out, start with one capsule for a few days prior to adding the second (only if it’s a supplement that suggest 2 capsules per day) This will help you to know if you are allergic and also if one pill is working get 2 months out of one bottle :)

Water, Water and more Water…drink lots of it and you will see faster results!